Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

It has been a while.
I need to be much more diligent.
We had a great Christmas.
A really nice new year.  Which brings up a point. I'm just wondering if we are drawn to the pyromaniacs, or if they are drawn to us?
It seems no matter where we live, we tend to celebrate new years eve every year with friends who LOVE fireworks.  Especially the illegal ones which send you scurrying into your home into hiding when you hear the sirens in the distance.  Sound familiar to anyone?
Why do my friends all have "connections", or a "Chinese" business partner who supplies them with rockin fireworks?  Where are our connections and Chinese business partners?

I guess we'll just have to settle for friends that love fire and have connections.
Nonetheless - we enjoyed watching fireworks that should have been in a park while we rested on blankets looking up at the night sky.  Instead, we enjoyed them from a friend's front lawn, on his neighborhood street.

We got two kittens for Christmas.
We've been very busy naming them.
Everyday we all feel compelled to come up with at least 2 names (per person) per day per cat.
Yes - the kittens seem to be very confused and don't seem to know how to respond.
And thus, we hone our debate skills each night at dinner as we discuss options.  I think the kittens have just decided that they own the place, and are indifferent to our desires to name and dominate them.

Someone was very diligent about feeding them and watering them and cleaning out their liter box for a week or so...and so it goes.

The kids went back to school and so we got the garage cleaned out and organized last week. Now all of the crap that was in the garage (for good reason) is in the hall and in the spare room (aka room of requirement).

Just when we thought things were finally calming down, we found out that finally, the permits have come through and the church remodel is beginning.  As such, I've been up to my eyebrows trying to figure out where we'll be holding cub scouts and activity days.  I also got to learn how to prepare 9 classes and a nursery for a new year with lesson schedules, new books, trainings, curriculums etc. and try to figure which teachers to put with each class.  It seems that there's always something exciting and consuming just waiting around the corner everytime I think that finally, things are slowing down.

The girls are keeping busy.  Our oldest is still in track - practicing 3 days a week, with meets starting on top of that, and keeping busy with her flute and piano as well.  Phew!

Our youngest is involved with an early morning chorus group and performances.  They are working on an audition tape so that they can perform at Disney this spring!  She's been auditioning for a gymnastics class, and officially enrolled today - leaving her short ballet career behind.

I have become a food nazi as my friends roped me into a healthy living challenge (since they said it would be easy since I do most of it anyways).  As such, I'm even more diligent about my morning walks, and adding either biking, weights, or swimming to my routine each morning.  I've cut out sugar, and am trying to use mostly fresh ingredients.  My family hasn't died...yet.

I did discover lemon grass last week.  I'm officially in love.
I even went looking for more today.
I was so thrilled - I found four lemongrass plants.  Can't wait to plant them, and be able to grow my own lemongrass.  

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Amy said...

You make me laugh! Why not assign the girls to agree on a name for one kitten, and you and Jeff to agree on the other? That way you only have two people agreeing on one name instead of four people trying to agree on two names.
Good luck on your food nazi thing. Giving up sugar may be a hard thing with all the kool-aid your hubby makes. :)