Sunday, September 16, 2012

More house shopping

Number 5.  Maybe it is our lucky number. 
Last week we saw another house (#4) and were ready to put in an offer.  We loved the house, and the setting, but not the schools or distance to our church.  When we contacted our realtor to put in the offer (after agonizing over it) he talked to the agent, and was told that the sellers pulled it off of the market due to health problems.  Grrrr...  so - we've been frantic.  Really trying to find anything in the area we want - we've been making concessions and justifying and rationalizing, but not finding what we want.
However, this beauty - 1529 North Ridge Lake Circle, Longwood FLmight be the one.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.  It was put on the market last week and we saw it yesterday.  We are putting in an offer tomorrow and keeping our fingers crossed.  It has the right schools and is still fairly close to the church (which is important when early morning seminary kicks in)...

So - while I should be blogging about all of the fun stuff we are doing - really, I've been hanging out with our realtor - I think he's shown me 40 houses.  We get excited and put in an offer, and then for whatever weird reason - we don't get it.  Then, I get to go back to looking for houses and the desperation rises.

Which brings us to this point.  I'm hoping we'll know by Wed., and if that's the case, I can start packing boxes.  Hoping hoping this will be it.  :)

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