Sunday, July 8, 2012

West Palm Beach & the Famous Toilet

We spent this weekend in West Palm Beach with some family that came into town (ahem - that town, not ours) .  We spent the day at the beach (of course - where else?), and then headed out for some dinner.
We tried out a cuban restaurant, and while the atmosphere and live music was really cool, the food was disappointingly a little bleh.
We decided to check out the street and shops scene and stumbled upon a splash fountain, and an outside dance party in the plaza. 
After shaking our hips to a few songs, we headed into Sloan's ice cream shop.  It was whimsical with awesome painting - everything looked hand painted, with amazing details, and it reminded me of cotton candy.  Here's a link that you should check out so that your jaw can also drop

As soon as we hit the door, our youngest daughter urgently needed the bathroom.
We had no idea that this awaited us:
Yep - the bathroom door is glass.
We looked around and saw that the boy's restroom was also just as see through as the ladies.
We panicked.  My husband said no way.  I said - you stand guard, I'll help her hurry.  I thought - what kind of a place is this?  How weird. 

We got in and shut the door, then turned the handle, and the glass instantly fogged like this, and we heaved a sigh of relief, and hurried so that the fog didn't run out (in case it was on a timer or something)

Today when I got home, I was trying to figure out how to describe this bathroom door, and looked online.  I found several articles that rated this bathroom as one of the 9 most incredible bathrooms, as well as reference to this bathroom having made the Travel Channel's 10 most outrageous bathrooms list.
And to think we used this famous potty through pure luck.
I'm really sorry about the potty post, but really - it was so cool.  

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Amy said...

I want a bathroom/bedroom door like that. Holy Toledo, that is neat! And I would love to use the bathroom there. So so cool.