Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mom and Me week

During flute camp week, our youngest and I got to spend some fun time together, so we decided to put our Disney passes to good use.
We spent the first day at the Epcot center.  In Mexico, we discovered a ride we'd never seen or done before, and then had lunch at the Mexican restaurant.  We think that my chicken tortilla soup is better than theirs.

We spent the next day at the Animal Kingdom.  We took the train ride and got to see a ball python, and learn all about snakes.
AND touch them.


We spent our third day of the week in court - dealing with local housing issues which still have not been resolved, but have been extended for a couple of more months.
We enjoyed the Magic Kingdom on Thursday and we think we've figured out a system to get the most out of our time in futureland where we stayed the whole time.
We did Monsters inc. laugh floor twice just to see if we could figure out if they plant people in the audience to pick on.  We also wondered if they use the same jokes.  No on both accounts.  We still haven't quite figured out how they do it.

On Friday we decided to hang around UCF because it was so stormy and we would had to leave early for the flute camp concert.
We got pedicures, and then little missy got her hair trimmed.  Pamper pamper.

Our summer seems to have finally started!
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