Sunday, July 1, 2012

Honeymoon Island

My husband needed to work in Tampa last Friday, so we hitched a ride.
The girls and I did some shopping (they love shopping) while dad worked, and then we headed out to a Honeymoon Island, a beach that had been recommended.
Last week, Florida got pounded with tropical storm Debbie, and the gulf coast was no exception.  We were glad that some of the beach was left, despite some of the debris and part of the island off limits due to the flooding.
We really enjoyed the super gentle surf, and the warm water - it was so relaxing.
We enjoyed digging around with our toes in the water and finding seashells and sand dollars - the girls would then dive down and retrieve the treasures - we found lots!

A walk down the beach - we get excited when we find rocks in Florida because there are so few.
Sea oats

We stayed around for the sunset over the gulf of Mexico.  It was spectacular.  

The girls and I
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