Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life just seems to truck on by while we blink.
We've been renting the house where we live for the past year.  For 9 of those months, we've been trying (and trying, and trying) to purchase it.  It has been tedious.  And frustrating and exasperating.
We moved in partially, but still have boxes in the garage that we haven't even unpacked, because we thought we might be moving and didn't want to unpack these boxes just to repack again.

We also got embarrassed with the background in our skyping and online video conferencing.  Along with other food storage furniture, we had the food storage shelf, laden with food stuffs that couldn't withstand the garage heat of the summer, along with toys, and covered with a shower curtain.  Embarrassing.

My husband and I woke up on Saturday ready to move things around.  We've been stalling (for 9 months) since we didn't want to haul 2-4K lbs around this house (translation - up the stairs), just to move it all over again in a few months.  But we woke up 'over it' as we've been using the distributed food storage program which involved furniture in all rooms made from food storage.  Not very attractive, but that's how it has been this past year. Classy might not even be the right adjective. 

We got rid of some of the 'college dorm' like furniture.  (Like the tv, dvd player, and speakers all on a coffee table against the wall for example.  We've got a few ideas still on the backburner, but we have consolidated almost all of our canned (#10) into our extra room.  If you were planning on a visit, due to lack of visitors, we've re-claimed 12 inches in the guest room.  We now have an entire wall of food storage - floor to ceiling - the entire length of the room.  I think it is impressive, and it isn't even an eyesore.  Finally. 

We moved the love seat no less than 5 times, and lots of shelves and shelving units.  My muscles are sore.
We sigh relief though everytime we look over into our family room.  Hurray for that.

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