Monday, January 9, 2012

The Kali River Rapids incident

Some things in our home, have come to be known as the '....incident,' based on whatever the root cause of the incident.  For example, we have 'the icee incident'.  That's all you need to say, and we all know exactly what and who we are talking about.  But today's anecdote is purely anecdotal, and shall be hereafter referred to as the Kali River Rapids incident (or the animal kingdom bathroom incident for those of us who can't remember that long name).
Here's how it goes.
See this ride?  You'll find it at Animal Kingdom in Florida.
It guarantees that you'll get wet, and warns that you'll most likely get soaked.  No ifs, ands, or will get wet.
Kali River Rapids

My family thoroughly enjoyed getting wet on this ride together last week.
My husband and I were in an interesting spot, and not only did we get wet, our seats (and thus our behookies) were also generously dampened.  That's putting it gently.

Shortly after going on this ride, we decided to take a trip to the restroom (after the adrenaline rush you know).  I calmly stepped into the stall, and pulled out a paper toilet seat cover which I daintily draped across the toilet seat.  "Isn't that nice that I don't have to worry about toilet germs?" I thought to myself (grandma had taught me to never sit on a public toilet seat before covers were invented).
I did my business, and as I finished and was tidying up, and I realized to my horror, that my wet backside and legs which had previously been VERY wet, now had the tissue toilet seat cover melded to them.
Nothing dainty here no siree.
Just think about wetting tissue paper, and applying it to a surface, applying firm pressure for a few seconds, and then think about how to get it back off.  Melded I tell you.  Melded.

I hope that I've sufficiently painted the picture of my embarrassment, and don't think I need to go any farther.

And now that I've publicly aired my humiliation, words of wisdom which I impart to all - make sure you go before the ride...not after.  :)   

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