Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 2 survival

Another week - another Sunday.
It seems like a lot has happened this week, but I honestly can't think what.

We entered phase 5 of the move this weekend.  At least that's what I'm calling it.
Phase 1 - pack.  2 into the trucks.  3 out of the trucks. 4 out of the boxes.  5 re-arrange everything that you thought you had in the right place.

That's right ladies and gentlemen - the sofa came from the family room into the front room.  The dining table went from the nook into the dining area, and the table from the dining area went into the nook.

All of the food storage that was in the garage (remember that stuff? - filled up the whole garage?)...well...we have a pretty big master bedroom.  One corner is now completely stacked to the ceiling with food storage.
We reverted to my husband's "distributed food storage plan".  He even has a nightstand made from food storage boxes.  I'll be doing some sewing quicker than I previously thought.  It works though.  Especially in Florida.  We do have to worry about hurricanes and the like here, and I'm glad to know we have what we may need should we ever have a problem.

So - the latest and greatest is that I got a calling at church today - actually 2.  Glad they are putting me to work.  I need some adult interaction during the week.

This week I got a new iphone.  2 days later I sent it back.  I found out a new one is coming out next month, so I thought I might as well wait for another month or so for the latest and greatest....
We tried out a new gymnastics gym.  Didn't like it.

Headed to the beach Friday night.  It was pretty heavenly.  We got there around 7, and stayed until 9.  Jumped waves, and played and played.  Watched the sunlight disappear.  It was so beautiful.  There were some sailboats just on the horizon, and the sun hit their sails illuminating them against the pink sky.  Pretty cool.

I found a cello teacher this week.  I'll start once the kids are back in school.  She's the principal cellist of a symphony - I'm really excited to meet her and make some personal progress.  I'm meeting on Tuesday with one of the high school teachers here - she's going to be teaching the strings program this year, and she'll be referring her students to me as a private teacher.

The girls begin piano lessons this week.  Their teacher graduated from Julliard, and got her masters from another pretty prestigious music school.  Can't wait to hear them working again on the piano.

My husband got his license this week, and finally - my biggest accomplishment  -  I think I can see my desk top!  What can I say?  It is the little things.

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Caterina B said...

Hiya Mare! Sounds like SOME things are working out for you. Hope it keeps up. It's weird to go to town and know that you aren't there. I will just have to get over it. I go back to school/work on the 26th. Actually looking forward to it!