Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Beach!!!

So, we got up, took care of some chores, and headed to the beach yesterday.
Unfortunately, the camera was out of memory, and we just managed to eek out a few photos. I'm sure we'll have more to come. :)
When we got there, it had been raining so we had to wait a few minutes for the storm to clear.
It definitely cleared though. The kids didn't get sunburned, but my husband and I did. Despite lots of sunscreen.
I actually did pretty good. After an hour or so, I pulled out a floppy hat, and put on a shirt to help limit my exposure. I just forgot to hit my legs, and they got a little toasted.

We sort of took turns playing with our little one since she didn't like wave jumping, and the boogie board that we picked up in San Diego broke. My husband and oldest daughter went out snorkeling...she got hit by an unexpected wave and she lost her snorkel and goggles.
That water was like a bathtub - SO warm. It was all delicious.

After 3 hours, we decided it was probably time to go. My husband's back was getting a little toasty. It wasn't until we got home when we really saw the sunburns that we were grateful we'd left when we did.
I think we are all excited to go back. I'll be taking the kids several more times before school starts.
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