Friday, July 15, 2011

We made it!

We finally made it on our big cross country move to Florida, and are here loving the heat.
Well...we are adjusting to it (first day), but it really isn't too bad.
The kids have their own rooms for the first time - one of them is having a tougher time in her own room tonight...we'll see if she makes it through the night (she's on our bed right now).
We just got the computer up and running, ran to the store for some staples, got people to bed, and I thought I'd at least let the world know that I am alive and still here.
I'll post some pics...once I find my camera :)

We got to our house this morning just as the moving van got here.
While we had a floorplan of the house and had a map of where everything needed to go, it just didn't work out quite that way, and there was a lot of trying to figure it out, and I'm sure most everything will end up in a different room eventually.

Anyways, we are back and we really have mostly made it through the past 2 whirlwind months.

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