Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thank yous and a party

I should be in bed.  I should be shredding my bank statements, and lease agreements from 1998.  But my shredder overheated.
My computer will be packed in a big moving box tomorrow night.  I will have no internet come Friday.  I'm a little scared.  I'll be un-plugged for reals for like a week.
I might sneak into the library just to get an internet fix though.  We'll see if I can last.

I am so grateful for wonderful people.
On Monday, a friend showed up with lunch, and helped us pack all day.  Then his family fed us dinner, and we enjoyed fireworks with them.
On Tuesday, a neighbor stopped by to help out, and a friend brought us dinner.
Today, 3 ladies came by and helped me clean and pack my kitchen.  1 neighbor came by to help us out with some odd jobs, and another showed up, and mowed and trimmed our lawn.
After I picked the kids up from gymnastics, dinner had been left on our porch.

Thank you thank you thank you to all of our wonderful neighbors and friends!

Some ladies from church are throwing us a going away party Saturday at 6:00 at the church.  If you want to come and rob me because you know that I won't be there, you are welcome to.  The movers should have everything moved out by Friday night, and we won't be staying there. (That was just a friendly message to any perps that might be reading my blog...its late - what can I say?).
It sounds like a meat is provided, bring a sidedish/dessert potluck sort of a party.

You should come.  Even if you have to drive far.  Cause, Florida is WAY farther.  I promise.
I'm grateful for the ladies who are so giving of their time etc. to help us with this tough transition.  We've been really blessed.

Lastly.  We need to rent our house.  It isn't rented yet.  It is such a cute house.  The garden and fruit trees are going crazy (fruit on trees that have never bloomed until this year even).  We finished the landscaping.  Tomorrow we are getting 2 tons of rocks delivered to cover up the dirt where our friend just dug up all of the grass from today.  The sprinklers didn't have enough water pressure to keep it green so we are opting for rocks.  2500 sq feet, lots of storage, close to schools, bike paths, blm, and full of new carpet and paint.  What's NOT to like?  We'll be sad to leave.

I realize I'm rambling.  Back to the shredding.  Don't forget to come to our party - you are invited!!


Caterina B said...

Hiya Soul Sister! I will never hear that song again without thinking of you. Hope we can still access the blog while you're disconnected. You BETTER POST AS SOON AS YOU RECONNECT! The other night I dreamed about you and your family and was crying. I don't like change! You are young, you can thrive on it. "A new adventure," as you called it. Don't know if I'll make it to the party, I might break down. Sorry. Now I am so sad. Goodbye and "vaya con dios."

Lauren and James said...

I would so come if I could. Good luck with the move!