Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday morning

Sunday is generally my posting day.  I should be getting ready for church, and will in a few moments.
I think I got the AC set now so that it isn't a freeze out for the family.
Yesterday afternoon I watched some lizards dancing on my back patio - scurrying about, trying to impress each other.
Friday night we hit Costco for some essentials, and last night we did our first cooking.  Homemade waffles for dinner (that's what the kids wanted).  They came out beautifully crisp - and quickly went soggy from the humidity.  It's gonna take some getting used to with this humidity.  I don't mind it, other than I'm trying to figure out why my windows are all completely wet in the mornings...and when it affects my cooking...and the sand in our kid's hourglass clumped together and stopped falling.  :)

We got more boxes unpacked yesterday, and I was able to finally clear off my kitchen counters (YAY).  We got many of the front room and office area wall hangings up, and some of the book boxes emptied into bookshelves, and most of my clothes are hanging up, but my husband's collection of tees, jeans, etc. is in a big  immovable box in the middle of our bedroom floor.

While gas may be a bit cheaper, milk, dairy, and most consumables are actually higher here.  We thought the cost of living would be cheaper, but it isn't!  Agh!

Anyways, I'm hoping to unearth the camera this afternoon and get some pictures up.  It seems like we have lots of kids in the neighborhood.  Our girls are trying to figure out how to meet other kids.  We are hoping that they can make some friends at church today.

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Caterina B said...

I am happy to see that all went well.
Sorry I could not make it to the farewell party. I am not good at farewells.
I hope it doesn't feel too weird to be in a different climate.
Nice that the girls each have a room.
Did the cat go to Florida, too?
I look forward to some photos.