Friday, February 18, 2011

The greatest valentines gift

All this week my kids have been begging me to go to the store.
Our oldest child even gave me a shopping list for her 'just in case' I could make it while she was in school.
It's been a very busy week  - friends invited me for lunch yesterday and I turned them down - I was cleaning out my kid's room and making their beds with their new blankets - re-doing all of their sheets to make it work and stuff.  Lots of laundry, and cooking for my family.
We've also had a friend who has started coming home with them after school - which is fun, but makes me want to get my house organized and a little more presentable.  Today was the first day I had time to make it out.

So, today, I took them all to the grocery store.  We hit the 50% off Valentines section.
I watched my kids lovingly select gifts that they pretended weren't for each other.  I'm not sure where they go the idea, because we don't traditionally do a big gift exchange for Valentines Day.  The girls decided however, that they do.

Tonight at home, they gave each other Valentines (belated) gifts.  They used their own money which they had earned and were so sweet with each other.  Amazing what a pack of gum can mean to a kid.  "I love you, you are the best sister in the whole world" is the correct translation I believe.  It is also amazing that a kid with possibly 50 stuffed animals can be so excited about receiving a special valentines one from her sister.

Yep - my kids greatest valentines gift this year, was letting me see how much they love and care for each other!
Happy Belated Valentines day. 

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