Thursday, February 17, 2011

LDS Church History Museum

We traveled to Salt Lake last weekend to attend a cousin's baptism. 
The day before the baptism, we took some time to visit the Salt Lake Temple - which was pretty cool.  After we'd done a session, they asked us if we could do some sealings - of course we said yes.  In our faith, we believe that through priesthood power, families can be sealed to be together forever.  Not just until death parts us.  13 plus years ago, my husband and I were sealed together in the Salt Lake Temple as we were married.  While we've performed some sealings vicariously for others, this was the first time that we were able to do sealings in the Salt Lake Temple since our marriage.  It was a great experience - how I love that man! 

While we were busy in the temple, my parents spent time with our girls at the Church History Museum at Temple Square.  They really had a great time.  We got back and the girls had so much they needed to show us. Here they are with grandma and grandpa.   

Our girls learned a spanish dance - yeah - the swishy skirt spanish dance.  Our youngest daughter learned the men's part.  It was so cute.. the music was "La Cucaracha"..and the boy's part involved a lot of stepping.  We made up a whole song about trying to step on the cockroach (cucaracha).

 Our kids also played a fun game tossing tortillas...don't know much about it other than they had a great time!

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