Sunday, February 20, 2011

Re-finished piano bench and misc photos

One of our children (who shall remain nameless) was found to have scratched, or should I say etched? their name and several fun figures and designs into our old piano bench. Truly it was in need of a make-over, and their 'artwork' pushed me to that point.
Luckily, my husband received a very cool power tool for Christmas. Sigh. I love power tools. I was saved hand sanding the whole bench. Our child got to assist me in the sanding. She didn't think it was very fun. I'm hoping she learned a lesson. I time, I'll hand paint on the varnish rather than use a spray.
Anyways, here's the bench after it had been sanded down - just before it got re-stained.


And, here we are in between varnish coats.

After finishing up with the piano bench, I took some of the stain, and touched up the piano. I'm amazed at how much better it looks - it really needed it. On the down side of this great project, I learned that you have to give your piano about 2 weeks to thoroughly dry if you touch it up with an oil based stain since the stain doesn't soak in to the finish on the piano very well. Just thrilled that the project is done and that it looks good!
An Elder who recently served in our area and just went home

Our silly girls...and their Sunday creation while we were sleeping.
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