Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We headed out of town on Friday.
We arrived at our destination and stopped at my latest favorite restaurant.
Unfortunately, my food and my daughter's had gobs of the cook's hair in it and we all saw it and got sick and couldn't finish.  I'm not sure if I can go there ever again, and I REALLY liked that place.

After our dinner fiasco, we dropped our kids off at a babysitters, and then we headed to the temple for a date night.  Unfortunately, I misplaced my recommend, and haven't been able to find it yet.  So, we picked up our kids 20 minutes later and headed to our hotel.  (it obviously wasn't our night!)

The next morning we headed out bright and early and dropped off my husband.
Then the kids and I went through the car wash (twice), got lost, found some breakfast, headed back to the hotel to eat, quickly got ready and headed back out again.

We got there just in time!

My husband was competing in a half marathon (yep - that's 13.1 miles) race.  It was all on dirt trails and VERY hilly.  Out of 400 contestants, he came in 32nd with a final time of 1:42.  Pretty good.
I was just proud of the lady that came in last at 3:36...I would have probably been behind her.

Oh...and since we washed our car, it totally snowed on the way home.  We are just as dirty as ever.  Why try?  I ask.  Why try?

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thoughts said...

he should do the one up and down pikes peak.