Monday, November 8, 2010

Primary - this is what it looks like

Well - this is what ours looked like yesterday at least.

We played a game called "Stump the Chorister (me)".   The classes all got together with a primary song book and picked a question about one of the songs.  If I got it right, the kids got to pick a dress up for their teacher.  If I was wrong...they got to pick a dress up for me.  I really rocked with the Jr. Primary...all of the teachers  ended up dressed up.

Unfortunately for me, Sr. primary was MUCH tougher and I ended up wearing most of the silly clothes. You will notice that one classes teacher on the far right didn't even end up with anything.... they killed me on "show me the last sign of the sign language in the song 'As I Have Loved You'"....apparently my primary chorister taught me wrong!!
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Lauren and James said...

awesome! just awesome! you make me wanna be in primary too!