Friday, October 15, 2010

Right now

Right now:
The tomatoes that I bottled this morning are processing on the stove.  Only 18 quarts this year, but better than nada.
I am happy to be sitting down after standing all morning in the kitchen peeling tomatoes.
My front room is clean.  The kitchen was - until I started. 
I rehung all of our wall candy that was taken down when we painted this summer.  My daughter just did a gymnastics move and knocked a picture off of the wall.  Not so happy about that.
My daughter is home from school.  She came home sick.  Funny how the tummy ache disappeared as soon as she ate lunch.  Now she can't be pried away from the t.v. - she thinks she's on vacation.

Its Friday.
I'm happy about that.
It's 2:29 in the afternoon and I still need to shower.
Before I have to start shuttling kids around for their after school activities.

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