Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quick update

I guess it has been a while. I spent some time last week blogging, but I guess it wasn't this blog - I was surprised when I saw the last post date. Shame on me.

What's new? The girls are in school...we are finally settling down back into the routine. They get up and try to get their practicing taken care of before school, come home, participate in sports three days a week, and stay busy with their piano lessons. I drive them around A LOT.

We headed out of town over Labor Day. Sort of a last of the summer get away. We headed to the temple, leaving the kids at a babysitters near the temple, and then to the nearest six flags resort (buying those season passes has really been a great thing for us this year - we've really enjoyed spending lots and lots of time there - all for the price of a normal daily admission ticket - amazing). We stayed over Sunday which was fun - we saw several people we recognized from the temple from the day before at church, and also found out that we had attended the ward of some of the parents or some of our friends. We always enjoy going to church in other places.

After church we spent some family bonding time watching the Sound of Music, and then headed out on a drive. We ended up at a state park, and threw rocks in the water and found some cool crystals, then headed back to our hotel.

On Labor Day we spent some early morning time in the hotel pool, and then after breakfast, headed out to our last MLB game of the season. We got to see an amazing pitcher pitch, and it was a really fun and great game. Fantastic weekend.

This last week was a really tough week for me, but I got through it...I guess I didn't have many other options. Some days are good, some, not so good. Just life I guess.

My brother and his wife came into town on Friday night, and we (probably unwisely) stayed up WAY too late (in the 3:30 am range), chatting and laughing. It was really great to have them come out and to spend time with them. We headed out to breakfast the next morning and then ran some errands. We sort of took the rest of the day off after that (translation - I couldn't function properly on so few hours of sleep).

Today has been a great day...and I really appreciate happy days. We napped after church, and then the elders came by for dinner. I tried a new cooking technique - I cooked outside on our grill's side burner. I made taquitos, and they are greasy, and hot, and messy. I really enjoyed doing them outside - the cleanup was so much easier, and my house didn't over heat and leave me sweating all night. What a novel concept!

I also pulled out my guitar last night and have been brushing up. My wedding season is almost over, and I'm excited to spend some time with my guitar. It looks like my daughter may be interested in playing as well - I'm excited to see where it will go for her.

So - there you go...that's our life in a nutshell. I'm hoping (really I am) that I'll have more time and gumption this week to finally get the house all back into order - we'll see if I actually make it or not. If not - there's always next week.


Lauren and James said...

Sorry last week was a tough one, hope this one is better! and I can totally relate to functioning on little sleep, you should see the bags under my eyes this morning ....

The CLAMShack: said...

Austin just joined band. Where is Mr. Visser when we need him?! :) Remember all the trouble you used to get me in during orchestra?! :)good times!!