Monday, September 13, 2010

Cooking competition

Our daughter recently competed in a cooking competition with kids in the area in her same grade.

The kids had to prepare something and then present it to a panel of 6 judges.

Here she is explaining that she made a fruit pizza...sugar cookie crust, cream cheese frosting, topped with fresh tropical fruits.


This judge was really nice. Afterwards he told her how much he liked it...(I think they were really grateful for dessert)

Watching them eat, seeing if they have any questions and awaiting the verdict.

The entire group of kids and the judges. Because they didn't have as many kids enter as they'd originally hoped, all of the kids get to spend a couple of hours working in a restaurant with a world class chef, preparing dinner for their families. We can't wait!!

The bad news is that she didn't win. Nope - she came in last place we think. She said they had told them at school that it was supposed to be 'healthy'...however, the information we could find online about the program did not specify healthy, nor did it specify that it was supposed to be an entree or side dish - so she went with her beautiful creation. Unfortunately, no one seemed to think that fruit pizza could fit into the healthy or side dish/entree category.

Bummer. We blame it on a lack of information. We got a phone call at 8:00 pm the night before because our daughter had signed up last spring to participate. We didn't even know until the day of where it would actually be etc.. So - she brought the most un-healthy thing there. Like I said - I think the judges were appreciative of the sugar after all of the heavy (or maybe too light) entrees! Anyways, as soon as the judges finished, we were surrounded by all of the hungry sugar addicts in the room begging to try her concoction - which completely disappeared within 3 minutes! Too bad they didn't have a 'people's choice' category!
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Tisha said...

Hello, it has the word "Fruit" in the title that sounds healthy enough to me. That is so awesome she gets to work w/ a chef for a few hours, I am jealous!

The CLAMShack: said...

what a bummer. well, i am glad that all the kids get the prize!! that sounds like fun!! i love fruit pizzas. i would have voted for her!!! :)