Friday, September 24, 2010

Our life - as we know it

Here's a quick update

  • My husband and I have colds thanks to a nursery kid.  
  • Thanks to actually being home one day this week (yesterday) I can now see ALL of my bedroom floor (yes, it HAS been a while).  My house is slowly beginning to recover from months of neglect and abuse.
  • I have a box of crab apples sitting outside - waiting to become jelly...maybe today...maybe not. 
  • I have a box of tomatoes downstairs waiting to be canned...
  • I have several huge zucchini's waiting to be made into bread.
  • The garden completely died on Labor Day.  We got back into town and didn't think to cover it and had a wickedly hard frost.  
  • My kids may actually be ready for their spelling tests today.  
  • I went to the temple this week - very quick, but great trip. 
  • I went to the Dr. last week.  There was a chance that I might have had to have another surgery this last Tuesday, but I'm okay now and didn't.  (Thankfully)
  • We went out last night to sell Butter Braids with our kids for their gymnastics team fundraiser.  They have to sell 50, and got 19 so far.  Anyone want some Butter Braids?  They are supposedly VERY yummy.  Those who have had them previously are very quick to buy them. 
  • Our fall leaves are AWESOME up in the mountains. 
  • My husband has been working A LOT of hours.
  • Playing for my last wedding of the summer season tomorrow.  I've been arranging a lot of new contemporary music for this wedding.  I'm excited to have my weekends freed up, and starting to plan next summer already. 
  • The Office is back!!!  I love Friday mornings again!! 
  • For the past 4 weeks, we've been messing with my hormones and I finally am feeling nice again...not cranky, emotional, and downright mean anymore.  Everyone is heaving a sigh of relief with that one. 
  • I picked up my guitar a couple of weeks ago, and am amazed at how much I'm enjoying it.  My husband has been playing it too and is almost caught up to me!  Our oldest daughter has also been playing around with it.  

Today I am: 
  • Working on more cleaning and organizing projects - basement, laundry, and mopping floors and bathrooms. 
  • Hoping to start sewing again.
  • Finishing organizing the study.
  • Taking the kids to gymnastics - possibly working on a sewing project while there.
  • Heading to see my husband's new office.  He just moved to an outbuilding office building.  We get to help him get everything organized, and set up in the new office...after 10 years of being in the sub zero level of the building, he now has an amazing view of the mountain.  
That's it.  Gotta start my day. 

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