Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And they're back!

After many months of laying around reading, jumping on the trampoline, wrestling, playing on the piano, making hats and pom poms, creating cooking experiments and shirking their chores, it all ended today - we'll at least for another 9 months that is.

School started officially today and my house is very very quiet this morning!
Here are some pics as we sent them off.

Here are the kids as we set off
Crossing the street
I love that we are in walking distance and we didn't have to deal with the parking lot zoo this morning...

Our very cool oldest child...

Arriving at the school...definitely didn't want to walk in with mom and dad

This was supposed to be a photo but came out as a mini clip...hopefully it will work
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You may have noticed their very cool messenger bags. Yep, the girls picked out the material last weekend and I stayed up until 2 am this morning finishing them. They both wanted something hand stitched on the front of the bag as well. Yawn!

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Lauren and James said...

I want a dark polka dot messenger bag too, so cute!! Where'd you get the material?