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July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010
That's a date we'll always remember. Pure torture doesn't even come close to describing what we went through on that day.
Here is my face that day just before leaving the house.

After a month of sweating about it and trying to get everything together (did I say EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING?)
we hopped in the car, picked up my husband and headed out of the big city.

There we had a nice lunch at Qdoba - one of my favorite restaurants. The chicken mango salad (that I wait for every year) wasn't even enough to take my mind off of the inevitable torture.

We then headed to the Internal Revenue Service to meet with Mr. W. He referred to himself as Mr. - that was weird.

For the next 4 grueling hours, he pored over our 2007, 2008 and 2009 taxes. He gave us a short break during which my husband and I discussed the dissolution of my business...

Here's the deal. I run a couple of small businesses and I do everything by the book. Claim everything, record everything. I don't make very much and it would be VERY easy to not keep it above board, but I have been very forthright about everything I've made. Unfortunately, because of this, the IRS deemed fit to ruin my life for a month and a half while I scrambled around trying to find copies of all of my deposits, copies of all of my cancelled checks... you name it, they wanted verification of it. What a MAJOR pain. All I can say is don't get audited.

In the end, we got hung up on a $700 deposit that was made into our personal account (one that is seldom used). We honestly had no idea what the money was from (they told me they really mainly wanted to examine all of the business accounts). After 20 minutes of going over income that month and guessing, we finally guessed that it may have been a work re-imbursement for my husband's work. Then we were done. Arg...

The good news is that they didn't make us pay anything else. I did have additional expenses which had been incurred...but didn't want to press our luck.

Anyways - I'm so glad that is over. I hope I never EVER EVER have to go through that again.

Afterwards, we headed out and bought $4 tickets to see our favorite MLB team. While we enjoyed the game, it was a little dull and we opted to head out early. We'd hoped to get some major yelling and screaming (ie venting) done, but there wasn't much to cheer about. As we drove home, we listened to the end of the game and found that in the last inning our team pulled out of the trailing behind they'd done the whole game and came back and won the game. It was a historic comeback ever. Too bad we weren't there cheering. Then again, that wasn't until 11:00 pm, and we were glad to almost be home.

Did I mention that you should never get audited??
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