Sunday, July 11, 2010

What we do best

Our kids spent some time up in the river looking for cool rocks (and gold and pyrite nuggets).
I usually take them to the wading 'safe' area. Dad took them right out into the river. At least spring runoff is down!


Yesterday morning we were awakened by our neighbor's voices. I mentioned to my husband and he said they had company they were probably seeing off. Well... after an hour, I looked out the window, and yes indeed they had company. They were holding a 4 home garage sale with some of their friends.

After our girls went over and went shopping, they decided to capitalize on the event.

Who wouldn't want lemonade from these cuties?? The upside down sign just makes me laugh!! They were pretty pleased with the $11.00 they earned.

Our oldest daughter got a headband from the garage sale. Just recently she's started to take a little more self - interest. Yeah...she has started to comb her hair, and is actually showering after only being reminded 2 or 3 times. She's been in that 'stage' for a while, and is suddenly gaining interest in her appearance. I've been praying for this day for a while...I hope it isn't just a short phase! Then again, I'm glad she doesn't realize just how beautiful she is...she's got a couple more years for that to come.

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Amy said...

Smart girls. They must take after their Aunt.