Sunday, July 4, 2010

Best fish story ever - The Piggy Fish

This year we celebrated the fourth of July for several days. Our cousins came into town and we rented cabins at our favorite state park for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The campfire cooking was fantastic and we only did hot dogs for one meal. We also did the smores and even tried banana boats - which were surprisingly tasty.

We had a great time and enjoyed making fires, sitting around and chatting, and watching the kids dip their sticks into the fire, and then pound them with rocks as they played "Blacksmiths". That was quite the entertainment.

However, the best entertainment came as a surprise. My husband is an avid fisherman. He LOVES to fish any time he can, and is often found in the river with a rod in his hand. Well, Friday morning, everyone went fishing. After quite a while, our oldest daughter ended up catching a rainbow trout. We were pretty excited since we've fished there before and never been successful.

We headed back for lunch, and for some down time, but we quickly got bored and just our family headed back out for more fishing fun. Our youngest daughter got her line out and a few minutes later started screaming... "I think I got one"...on and on. Well, she actually did! We were amazed and thought it was a fluke. It wasn't.
5 minutes later, we went through the exact same routine!
Then I caught one.
Then she caught one.
Then our oldest daughter caught one.
Then the youngest.
See the pattern here?

Then the youngest caught one and then the oldest caught one right immediately after her.
They both began to reel in their lines, and we found that they had actually caught the exact same fish. He was a little piggy that's what he was.

He gulped down one of their lures, and then grabbed the other one and gulped it down as well! We weren't quite sure how to count it. Did they get to both count him? Or only count him as a half? (We are still a little fuzzy on that)

Finally, with six fish, we decided to head back because it started to rain and storm.
Back in our cabin, my husband rigged us all up again, and once the rain ended, we headed back out. Guess what?

We caught eight more! Guess who caught them? Yep - our littlest fisher chic!

Here are our tallies for the weekend:
Me - 2
Oldest daughter - 5
Youngest daughter - 7

Me - 0
Oldest daughter - 2
Youngest daughter - 1

I would like to point out that our youngest daughter soon became bored on Saturday after her first catch - 5 minutes into our fishing session. Also, we were using identical hooks, bait, everything. That girl is just magic I guess.

Our oldest daughter has a beautiful cast that even I am envious of. I guess my husband is right..."how can a guy be sad he doesn't have any sons when his daughters love to fish and go to ball games?"

We headed back home to clean up on Saturday afternoon and I made my first Rhubarb pie of the summer. We then headed out to see a fantastic fireworks show which was even better than ever this year!

This evening we spent time with our neighbors at a barbecue and then watched our town fireworks as we celebrated the fourth.

On a side note, our girls both just made the move from level III gymnastics to IV! They will begin competing this next spring, and boy are they thrilled! This means they will increase their gymnastics practices to 6 hours a week. Crazy! If you need to find us, you might just want to check the rec center! (Yes, I love exclamation marks in this paragraph)

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