Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ready for summer

June has been SUCH a busy month for us. We have been so busy traveling around and doing girls camp and everything else - we are pretty excited for our nearly empty July. Yesterday was our first day that wasn't swamped with things to do, so we headed out to the dentist and to trade out our snow tires for our all seasons (finally) - which means we were gone ALL day long. While the girls' teeth were great, I had a cavity, and the Dr. just happened to have some time right after lunch. So I got to go twice yesterday and did I mention my serious dental anxiety? It doesn't matter that my dentist is my cousin and that I love him...for some reason dental work is really traumatic for me. I had to go hang out in the bathroom trying not to throw up after I was finished. It was so not fun.

Anyways, we are being audited by the IRS next week (and I can't find that one check register that I need) - which will be an exciting experience. Not really, but we'll be relieved to be done with it.

We are planning on spending some time with my cousin later this week camping. We'll be hanging around a nearby state park, but because it is so near, we'll be spending time around home as well.

So, after our audit next week, we will have nothing on our calendars other than gymnastics and swimming lessons and bike riding and park playing and our summer can really officially begin!

Bring it on, or come visit!

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Caterina B said...

OK then! I will be calling you soon.