Friday, July 3, 2009

Poets gone crazy

Give a kid a little web-time and they'll take over! Here's a new blog to follow:

Here's some more original poetry from our house:

Jols and Flawrs (Jewels and Flowers)
Shining shining
Bide culrfl flawrs(pretty, colorful flowers)
Pek and blo (pink and blue)
Sbreg is hir (spring is near)
It is so biwtufl (it is so beautiful)
Seging grl hir and jar (singing girls here and there)
And petno ol spring (and pretty little spring)

Dolphins Splash
Dolphins splash among the waves
Dolphins splash wile (while) exploring underwater caves
Dolphins splash on you and I
Dolphins splash a watery sigh

A black Cat
To most people black cats are spooky
To me they're a luckey charrm
Black cats are among my favorite animals
To others they mean harm

One Day I Saw A Cheetah
A cheetas orange coat with spots zips by
Its going so fast - I wonder why
Perhaps its playing a game
Or maby others are laughing at its name
I'll probobly never find out
But if I do I'll giv a great shout:

1 comment:

Amy said...

Wow. That's all I can say. Watch out Longefellow, you are about to be shadowed by two amazingly talented little girls!