Friday, July 3, 2009

Poetry by the greats

My kids have been writing poetry. Here are their latest creations:

A book can take you anywhere
A book can be scary to raise your hair
A book could be full of magical creatures
But another book could be how to change your features
Still another book could be about you
But another book about someone you knew
I love books

A Rose Surprise
A rose is a thing of beauty
You give them to a cutie
But you'd better beware
'Cause a wasp could give you quite a scare
You'd come in like you'd seen a bear
And a bee could sting you on a knee
You'd shout and shout oowwwee! oowwwee!
A rose is a thing of beauty
Just use fake ones to give to your cutie

Hune, Hune in the the Sgi

Hune, hune, in the sgi (honey, honey in the sky)
Hune, hune, dir Carlie, I (honey, honey, dear Carlie I)
Ch at ch at (shout, shout)
Up so hi (up so high)
Bloberes to et (blueberries to eat)
Rasberes to et (raspberries to eat)

Bix (Bikes)
Bix (Bikes)
Sgodrs Deg(scooters ding)
Bix crsh (Bikes Crash)
Bageing bigr ples (beginning biking please)
Bix to rid (Bikes to ride)

This one is about how sweet I am

You are as swet as pi (you are as sweet as pie)
you are as swet as flawrs (you are as sweet as flowers)
and hrts and firwrx (and hearts and fireworks)
swet, swet hamuch you are swet (sweet, sweet, how much you are sweet)

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