Monday, July 6, 2009

First fish

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My husband started fishing again last week. He brought home dinner for us on Thursday - it was great. A while ago, he sat down with the girls and helped them tie some flies of their own. The girls made some San Juan worms, which translates into a piece of red yarn like material tied to a hook. Well, he decided to take each girl out with him. Here's our daughter's first fish! And she caught it on her San Juan worm!
It was a 16.5 inch rainbow trout. It is now in the freezer. I learned how to gut a fish too. Not that I'm super excited about it, but at least I know how. Later, when he took our oldest daughter out, they got caught in a deluge 2 minutes after they started, so they've got a raincheck to go back.

Although they say that the next two weeks are supposed to be spectacular because of the caddis hatch, we've been having A LOT of rain every day, so the river is also running super high. My husband went out Saturday morning and said the water was very muddy, and a whole foot higher than it had been the afternoon before. We'll see what we come up with - just enjoying the summer!

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