Friday, May 8, 2009

Tribute to my mothers

My mom is crazy. How couldn't she be? We all had a hand in it. It had to have been a herculean effort to raise so many kids and produce such results. While we all remember the 5 hour hike to see a 2,000 year old tree, we thought she was broadening our minds and teaching environmentalism. Now that I'm older, I believe it was to get all of us out of the car on that long ride home and find some sanity. I believe she was chanting 'deep breaths, just breath deeply' or something closely related to keep from killing all of us. (I think that was after we went to Bear Lake, it rained the whole week, and then someone cut their head open.) While Mother's Day is still a few days away, I wanted to post this clip I found. My mother is the voice inside my head. All that I am is due to my mother. She gave me life and I am grateful to her and love her.

I am also so grateful to my mother in law. All that my husband is results from her sacrifice and patience. What a wonderful gift she gave to me, when she loved my husband. I couldn't have asked for a better or more wonderful man. I am so grateful to her for this gift which I daily marvel at.
Thank you to all of the mothers in my life - I love and appreciate you all.
Happy Mother's Day! We love you!

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joated said...

Oh! What a nice tribute. You kids all made my day. I love you so.