Saturday, May 9, 2009

The countdown is OVER!!

I almost thought this day would never arrive, but it has, and it was a week early.
Sing hallelujah!!
My husband has been studying for a long time now. We figured that in the past 12 years, either he or I have been in school for 11 years. He took off for a while so that I could finish up and then he jumped back into it.
We do hope that all of his hard work will pay off. But really, I'm selfish and so excited to not be a single mom any more. That's the part I'm excited about. To have someone to do stuff with again, instead of him being sequestered every night late, early morning, and weekend trying to meet his deadlines.

While the girls and I had planned to go out and party with him tonight to celebrate as soon as he finished, he surprised us and finished last night. So, we decided to party last night. We had a great time bowling with the girls, and kept them out oh, so late. But it was so worth it. I hope they'll remember that night for forever and I hope that they realized what a sacrifice he has made so that he can better provide for our family. I also hope they'll understand the importance of education and always strive to learn and do their best.

The countdown is OVER baby!

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Jules said...

Congrats to you both! To J for a job well done and to M for staying sane through all of it.