Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recent events and activities update

Well, I hit another milestone - thanks to all who helped celebrate. I have to say - while my own mother, among others forgot to call, (or maybe it was on purpose?) Facebook made it nice and I got birthday wishes from old high school friends who haven't wished me a happy birthday in years. As such, I think it all sort of evens out. I really had a great birthday.

One of my friends and I went out the day before and got pedicures and went to lunch - it was so much fun to spend time with her - Thanks V!

Since my volunteer day at the school fell on my birthday, I decided to take a birthday treat to the classes I work with(thank goodness the track team was selling cookie dough last month!) It was really fun to share it with the kids.

Later, I met my husband for lunch at my favorite restaurant and decided to try the rabbit dumplings, while my husband went for the pork tacos. I'd never had rabbit before, but I figure that if I'm going to try something new for fun, I'd rather do it in a REALLY nice restaurant where they really know how to cook for the best experience. I was surprised, because it wasn't a strong flavor, and the dish reminded me a little bit of creamed tuna. The pork tacos were amazing too. We switched plates back and forth a couple of times and both enjoyed everything.

School got out and I took the girls to gymnastics, and then we came home and a couple of our friends and neighbors came over for dinner. It was a very enjoyable day. I got to continue the celebration as another friend and I went out to my favorite greasy spoon joint the next day as well. I rounded out the week spending some time interpreting, and got to watch our daughter in a play, and hanging out at soccer games. All in all - an enjoyable week.

We are still counting down to graduation, and I've been totally immersed in a very large project that I am not currently at liberty to speak about. Once it is finished, I will post all about it. I've been spring cleaning, and we will begin to work on our yard. In 2 days, we'll be 100% done with school and life as we know it will completely change. Bring it ON!!


Amy said...

I know for a fact mom tried to call you. She was at my house. You were just so busy and running all over the place, you never answered the phone. I tried several times to call you too, but no one ever answered the phone. I am glad to hear it was so wonderful. Birthdays should be the best day of the whole year, I think. It is a time for everyone to celebrate YOU because we love you so much.

Colby family said...

you're so cute with the party hat!!
did you get SORRY for your birthday? that is Colin & Simon's favoriet game!!! glad you had a great day!