Thursday, April 30, 2009

Individual Reformation

As I was studying my scriptures this morning, I came across a related quote. As I considered it thinking about our world today, I was amazed at its veracity.

The Crying Need of Mankind is for Individual Reformation

"The voice of the pessimistic agitator is heard in the land today. He is loud in denunciation of existing systems and vigorous in demand for new laws and governmental reforms. Progressive legislation is undoubtedly necessary, and abuse of power, neglect of duty, or other evils in national or local administrations, should be promptly corrected; but the crying need of mankind is individual reformation. The thorough purification and effective regulation of society as a system through repressive legislation is a stupendous and well-nigh hopeless undertaking. The natural and rational plan of improvement must deal largely with the education of the society unit, the individual citizen".

More than anything this statement 'wowed' me. Then, as I looked at the reference, I realized that this statement was made in the year 1917 by Joseph F. Smith.

I am awed in realizing that a statement made almost 100 years ago could continue to be so spot on and applicable in our world today.

The world can't become a better place until it's inhabitants become better people. Starting from the inside out.

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Amy said...

I think it's sad that something said nearly a century ago is still applicable. That seems to show that we are not listening. Hopefully we can all do better. Thanks for sharing!