Tuesday, February 26, 2008


That's what they call it where we were at least!
Well - I know I posted a bit from location, and this may come in spurts and starts, but boy did we have a classic Dickens vacation. One of us had the best of times, and one of us had the worst of times.
I am grateful to say that my vacation was fantastic. My poor husband!
Here are some of the highlights of his trip:
After arriving at Houston, while checking in, he was told his passport had been "tampered with" and that it would not be accepted. It had gone through the wash and it was obvious, but TAMPERED?? - that's a strong word.
Rushing to the federal building to get a new passport by the next morning. Can we say $$$? How many people get to drag 4 suitcases and their wife along for a new passport?
Getting the only cabbie in Houston who didn't speak english, and who wanted US to give him directions to the Federal building - what are the odds?
While traveling by ferry from Trinidad to Tobago (2 1/2 hrs) he was sure he didn't want to use any of my motion sickness medicine. Needless to say, he spent most of the ride outside with the throw uppers.
Decided to go swimming with the car keys in his pocket. Got to buy the rental car a new security system after it was corroded by the sea water.
Stopping to relieve himself, just as a tour guide and his group came up the trail in full view.
Parking (at my direction) like all of the other cars lining the entire street. Unfortunately - it was in a no parking zone. As the police were asking him to step out of the car, he finally found the car registration insurance that they were demanding. They were mean and he was sure he was going to jail! Dang Parking Nazis. They told him they would let him go just so he would know that Trinidadians are nice people.
Being yelled at by locals for leaving the car running and the door open as he stepped out to take pictures.
Not following wife's navigational direction, and ending up driving for hours instead of minutes.

I would say that pretty much sums up his lovely vacation experience.

Here's mine:
Getting to stay an extra night in Houston and eat at Lupe Tortillas
Enjoying the movie "bring it on" on the ferry ride (inside) not sick at all
Wonderful couple of days at the most amazing, idyllic tropical island
Seeing the Buccoo Reef from the glass bottom boat - even a turtle
First snorkeling experience - scarey but pretty fun
Getting to see the rain forest and most of the beaches on the E & W coasts
Finding nutmeg, curry, saffron powder, incense, and dias
Got some great indian roti, curry, and sada recipes
Seeing my husband's old areas, meeting members he knew from his mission
Church in San Fernando - wonderful to go to church in other parts of the world
Great Haagen Das experiences - the first time my husband laughed the whole trip
Driving up (then down) the STEEPEST roads I've EVER seen in my life - I needed some high blood pressure medication for that - it was a trip!

That pretty much sums up my trip. It was the best of times and the worst of times. We were on the same trip, but boy did he get it for some reason!
I'm posting some photos so that you all can decide to take a trip there too. I'm planning on taking the girls within 2 years. I could have just stayed on Tobago the whole time and loved it.


Tisha said...

WOW! Is all I can say! That looks like such a fabulous place! I am SO jealous!!!! Sorry Jeff didn't have the best of times. Just think of it as a "practice round" and that just means you guys have to go back again!

Grondahl Family said...

Wow, that sounds like some vacation! I am sorry that it was a little rougher for Jeff, but if it weren't for the stories, I would think you just photo shopped your pictures in (just kidding). Reading all your fun stories of the snow really has made me grateful for our snow. I am so sick of the snow storms, but at least it isn't as bad as yours. Last week it finally started raining, which was melting our snow. Such a huge relief. But look on the other bright side. You have the most amazing summers, so you have to deal with the awful winters. It is the only way it is fair.