Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18, 2008

I woke up this morning - so excited to have access to modern conveniences like high speed internet and a good air conditioner. Why wouldn't I you ask? As I write, I am overlooking the ocean from my hotel room in Trinidad. Yes a very small island off of the coast of Venezuela. Actually - just for the record, I found out that the islands of Trinidad and Tobago are considered part of south america, since they are an extension of the Andes Mountain range. I am fully satisfied now that I have been on all of the American continent now. Canada, America, Mexico, Central America, and finally South America. I feel very accomplished. I think my next stop must be Europe - then maybe Asia? Actually that one doesn't really interest me but that's completely beside the point.
I do have to state that I have a wicked sunburn. I'm sure everyone reading this in the cold parts of the world right now are really sad about that. But I DID WEAR SUNSCREEN. Problem is that it didn't work because I was on some motionsickness medication that had an insignificant warning about sun exposure which I didn't believe. It was 4 full days ago, and boy do I believe it. Anyways - if you can think of idyllic tropical islands, that's Tobago..Someone described it as such, and there's no better explanation. My husband was even successful in convincing me that I'd like snorkeling - which I did... it was pretty cool. We even saw a turtle swimming around on the reef. Check out Buccoo reef on the internet- pretty cool.
So - we'll be heading home tomorrow...and I'll definitely post some pictures. Just for the record - we didn't just up and decide to take a tropical vacation. My husabnd was a missionary here, and was finally ready to go back - it happened to coincide with our 10th anniversary, as well as being so darn sick and tired of the snow (although we bought the tickets in December). But what a great combination. We were able to go to church and see some of the members that he knew (We are going to eat roti with one of them today), and he was able to find out that someone he had tracted out and worked with right before he came home had been baptized and never missed a Sunday. It was an old man, a newspaper reporter who had been jaded by the world - he'd seen so much ugliness in his work...he was SO excited about the gospel. Pretty cool to see you made a ripple.
Honestly, I haven't missed the snow or cold... this has been a tropical paradise..

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