Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some new pictures of SNOW

So - I finally have some pictures to justify my previous rant about the snow. Did I mention how much I don't like snow? Okay - snow can be okay, but not every day. We are supposed to get snow again today... imagine that. So today, I had to scrape my windows INSIDE the car again after seminary - a mere 50 minutes. Crazy. Actually - let's talk about crazy. Were you aware that it was -20 this morning? Now - yeah that happens a couple of times a year around here, but the crazy part would be the part about my husband going running in it. The treadmill broke, so now he's getting up when I do (yes prior to 5:00 am) so that he can get his running in. I believe it is in the certifiably crazy range. However, I did see one other runner out this morning on my way to seminary.
On to new things.
Last week I wasn't sure whether seminary was going to keep on going, but it appears that it will be. Big issues there, but hopefully one day they will be ironed out.
Let's see... I think I just need to get on with the pictures.
I think we'll start off with the snowmen. Yes - I know, I keep talking about the snowmen, but they are a visual icon of my winter grief. This week we had an awful storm. Ever heard of THUNDER SNOW? Yes, you heard me right, THUNDER. It's like a mini cyclone in the snow. Complete with thunder and lightening. While I didn't hear the thunder or lightening, I did see the complete white out and watch my picnic table on the back deck be pushed across the deck and later the chair on the deck (heavy wood) be thrown from the back porch onto the lawn. I was also conscious that my husband was out driving in this storm. So... my point is that this horrible storm actually DECAPITATED my snowman!! What a slap in the face - well, but the face is now on the ground. So - here are some pictures. One I took last week of the snowmen, and one I took today of the decapitation. You may note that they haven't really changed in size... maybe bigger??I wonder why??

Continuing on - here are some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago of my daughter sledding in the back yard. We have some rock steps which lead up to the sandbox. During the winter, it makes a small sledding hill. In the first photo you can see the snow levels as reflected by the rock retaining wall and jungle gym. In the second photo you see how cute she is. In the third, you may note the dramatic increase of snow levels by these same standards of measurement.

Here just for fun are a couple more of the snow. A mound of snow directly across the street from us on the school sidewalk. A close up of our raspberry plants - as you can see halfway covered - the fence is also almost half covered. And finally - our poor lilac bushes in our front yard... mostly covered-and they aren't that short!

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