Monday, January 28, 2008

I am SO sick of SNOW!!

I'm sorry - I just can't get over it. I just looked at the forecast for the next 10 days. There are two days (out of the next 10) which aren't forecasted to snow. What's up with that? And they are only 'partly cloudy days.' I've got to vent, cause I'm so stinking sick and tired of this weather. No joke, it's been like 3-4 weeks since we've been having snow every single flipping day. Finally last week at least it wasn't in the negatives, but this is ridiculous. We have snowmen in the front yard from 3 weeks ago - they've actually been gaining weight!! No joke! (I do have pictures) Maybe we'll have them until March (the way this is looking). So - I'm kind of ticked off and so tired of this. At least we had a sunny saturday. my husband spent most of the day prying up huge 5 inch thick and 4 foot across ice chunks from the driveway. We have piles of snow that are in excess of 6 feet piled up along the roadways - it's just got to stop. Yes, we live in the mountains, what do we expect - but we've been here for almost 10 years... hello...we have enough snow! Okay - so just to keep this in perspective, we have a deck in our back yard off of our kitchen. To access the grass, there is a 12 inch high step. It's pretty lame, but our builder just wanted to be done... What I'm trying to say here though is that the snow in our backyard is only slightly less than level with our porch - forget the step. The jungle gymn is buried halfway up with snow, and the trampoline (which has a frozen dry spot underneath it) really shows the difference - it looks like almost 3 feet of snow.
Okay... so I think that's enough venting for now. I just want some of those sunny skies and beautiful days that I love so much back!!!
I will post some pictures of our snowmen (3 weeks old and counting) as well as some yard pictures - just so everyone knows I'm really not even exaggerating.
Finally, some child of mine, decided to list some "house rules" on the house. You can see them listed on the garage door when it is shut. I'll post them as well, but you can't tell her. She's going to have to scrub it off as soon as the water won't freeze on her. It is slightly humorous (always in retrospect though eh?) -I'll get them up in the next couple of days and let you judge.
:) If you have sun where you are - please bask an extra five minutes in it just for me...
On the bright side (have to find one in there sometime), once it gets warm enough, we can do some killer snowshoeing!!

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