Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday January 19, 2008

Well - it's been a bit of a while since I last posted. Life has seemed a little more hectic than usual. It could just be exacerbated by the snow and cold. We are in a huge cold snap and it REALLY STINKS. We are consistently having to scrape the ice off of the insides of our car windows as we get going. We've had snow (even just a dusting) almost every single morning for about two weeks. We built two snowmen - yes from my last blog on the 6th. They haven't even started to begin to melt because it has been so darn cold. They've actually been gaining weight, and I can't imagine they are very happy!
I decided to really pick up and work hard to finish up my last class (ASAP) so that I can just be done. (I thought I was finished, but they told me I had one class I was still missing.) I'm about half way through it, and just want to finish it up..So, I've been working on that on the weekends, and a couple of days during the week.

I was finally able to adjust my schedule a bit, and it seems to have been very beneficial. Instead of getting up to get ready for seminary at 4:30-4:45, I started getting up at 5:04 (huge difference - believe me!) I've been waiting to really shower and get ready for my day until later. Once I get back from seminary, I get my daughter out the door my friend shows up, and we exercise in the basement together. My youngest has even been joining us. We then have breakfast, and then I can shower and get ready. I still fall asleep over my books (now earlier), but it has really helped with the balance.
Seminary has really been a struggle - there seems to be a pervasive attitude coming from some of the parents, and is adopted by the students, and has sort of been feeding off of itself. It is very unfortunate. The program is sort of being evaluated this weekend, and we'll see what happens from here. It has been frustrating to work my kiester off, and see such negative results... I'm not sure where we go from here.
We are gearing up for a sunny trip in February to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and pretty excited about it. It is always fun to have something warm and exciting to plan for and look forward to. Likewise, we are looking forward to a half marathon my husband is training for in March, and our daughter's baptism in May. We have been toying with the idea of finishing up our basement this spring so that it will be done before the baptism... We are still trying to find a contractor...we'll see where that goes.
So - despite the everyday cold, and trials, life is great. We have sunny skies today, and it was 3* this morning (rather than the -9 or -13). The sun always rises.

I have a great quote on our wall in the kitchen which someone once gave me. It is by Gordon B. Hinckley. It says - "It will all work out. I tell myself that everyday. I get up in the morning and pray to the Lord and go to work, but this is His work, and it will all work out." Well - something to that effect - one day I'll go get it and quote it correctly, but that's the general thought. We both commented this week how we both think about that quote every single day and how it helps us to keep on going. There's definitely nothing like winter that makes you appreciate the spring!
That's it for today.

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