Sunday, January 6, 2008

January week 1

Well - New Years' came and went. We opted to go to a friend's house for a party instead of having our own this year.
I do have to point out - this past week has just been downright FRIGID!! We had to scrape the windows from the inside of the car all week long... totally crazy - and super freezing!
My husband worked on New Year's day for several hours, then came home and helped get all of the Christmas decorations put back away. Since the girls got some ice skates for Christmas, we decided to try them out. We made it to the local park where they've iced down a spot for skating. Unfortunately, an entire gaggle of people was there - they had a little fire going, and a huge old and young guys hockey game going. We decided to skate a little bit anyways (they said they'd share), and we skated back and forth (dodging pucks) behind the goal post at one end. The girls seemed to love it and really got the hang of it - although I think they may have just gone to eat the snow - they really liked that part. Also - our youngest didn't really like the falling down part - she doesn't have much padding - and said that it really hurt!

It continued to be super cold throughout the week. Seminary started back up again, and our youngest was working through a fever, and as I wasn't feeling well... we sort of just chilled all week. I finished my first hand quilted wall hanging - I was hoping to finish it by Thanksgiving, but seeing as I only started it two weeks before, it wasn't likely. Following is a picture. I'm so excited to have it finished since I saw the pattern three years ago at a friends, and have had it in my drawer ever since. Another friend saw it and wanted to do it, and helped me get started on it (although she hasn't finished hers yet).

Just a note - I personalized it, but on the home square I covered our address as I didn't want to post it on the internet - so it doesn't really have that weird paper thing going on other than in this photo.
Saturday morning was just nice and balmy (except for the super slick roads). It actually rained all day Saturday - it was pretty weird - sort of March weather. My husband and the girls decided to spend some time outside playing in the snow. Due to all of the rain (on top of large amounts of snow) we had perfect snowman snow. Nice and heavy and wet. Our youngest did a lot of cheerleading since the snowballs were so heavy. She also made some nice snow angels, and later decided to do some sledding in the front yard. She, our oldest and my husband then went across to the park and enjoyed further sledding until it was too dark to dodge the trees.

Finally, I had to add the picture of our oldest with all of the bubbles - we did some bubbles and the girls went crazy - they were everywhere and it was a blast - we used the plastic ones so they stuck around (literally) for a long time (I'm still finding them!)

We had company over for dinner on Friday, and then today had invited a couple of people over - the missionaries dropped by right on time, (with no invite) and we had a grand little dinner party this afternoon as well.
I'm still chilling and fighting a fever, and I've developed a rather nasty cough. We woke up to 6-8 inches of snow (at least)... and it snowed all day. Driving home from church was a white out - pretty crazy. We are supposed to get another 6+ inches tonight (at least) and due to the icy roads, seminary has been canceled tomorrow. I think I'll be sleeping in trying to kick this cold. I think I'm going to also break out the snowshoes tomorrow - perfect snow for it!

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Tisha said...

I love all the pictures of the girls! I am glad they liked ice skating. I LOVE how your wall hanging turned out!