Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 24 - 30, 2007

Well, after a little dancing after everyone left on the 23rd we got ready for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we held our traditional Jerusalem Supper. This year it consisted of our (not so Jerusalem-ish) cheeses and crackers, pomegranates, pineapple, grapejuice (our homegrown), bread, and roasted turkey (fish was once again vetoed by that non fish liking person in our house). We also had prunes, dates and figs.

After our supper, we acted out the nativity. For some reason, my husband always ends up being the donkey - I'm afraid the donkey may go on strike next year! Our Mary and Joseph sort of traded places halfway through - but they made it despite the cranky innkeeper (me).

After the theatrics, the girls got to open one present - their new jammies for the year, and then we went upstairs and watched the Nativity story and put hair in curlers, and then dad read the Nativity story. We set out cookies and oatmeal for the reindeer and got tucked into beds.

Christmas morning came bright and early - the girls got up at 5:30 am. The girls saw 6 deer outside their window as they woke up! Although the kids had asked for skateboards and DC shoes, I don't think they were too disappointed. They got some pretty cool toys - with a big focus on the world - puzzles, globes, maps etc for some reason. The girls were pretty excited also about their sewing kits they received (they are getting into sewing), their ice skates, and some fun animal play tents that we set up downstairs. Our oldest thought that tinker toys were only for boys, but soon discovered what cool things she can make... her first creation was a spider. I think everyone's favorite gift though was their electric blanket - controllable nighttime heat is such a blessing!

Several of my husband's presents came late, but he received a pretty cool bronze statue of Joseph and Hyrum and some fun things from the girls. He got me a cello box - so I don't have to constantly get my cello in and out of the case - I can just leave it sort of out, but protected.

Our day was nice. We watched a video we got, and then my husband and the girls shoveled (it snowed for 24 hours on Christmas). He and our eldest then went sledding in the BLM land, and had a GREAT hill! The youngest and I stayed inside and kept warm.
We had a late had dinner, and crashed into bed. We left the next morning (11:00ish) and headed out to see family. There we visited all of my husband's brother's homes, and took a family picture. We spent some time with my family who had planned a baby blessing, baptism and family sealing around our being there - it was pretty packed. We headed back home in hopes of missing a storm. Although the roads were fairly icy, we made it home okay - albeit tired at 1:00 am, but safe. It snowed all day on the 30th and they closed down most of the roads, so I'm thrilled we didn't have to deal with it today!

We will spend time with friends for New Year's Eve, and make it an early evening. I think our eldest is excited to have a couple more days off - although they still haven't seemed to have the time they've wanted to just play with their toys. I'm sure it will come. It's crazy that the break is already over and we all go back to school this next week!
We loved seeing family and spending time with everyone! Hope the upcoming year will be full of joy and goodness.

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