Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 16-23, 2007

So - it's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything, everything has just gone by in a blur. I finished with Seminary for a couple of weeks on the 14th and received news that my parents and sister (and family) were all coming into town starting on the 18th. So - I started to really clean out the house. The good news is that while they were here, my dad was able to get the ping pong table back into order and we now have foosball and ping pong tourneys in the basement (we cleaned it out too). We spent some time cleaning all of the old baby toys out of the playroom (made room for new sophisticated stuff). We were able to find some toys in great shape and donate them to a family who really needed the stuff, so it was good for the girls to experience this. Our youngest was so sweet - she wanted to give her favorite toys to this family - and was so excited to do it.
Well grandma and grandpa got here, and grandpa fixed almost everything that was fixable in the house. He fixed the stove (well - figured out what we needed and ordered the parts), the dryer, the sink, the handrail and the coat closet as well as the aforementioned ping pong table. Amazing that we needed so many little repairs here and there!

Grandma helped bake our Christmas breads and kept the food cooking. It snowed the whole time, so it was nice just to hang out inside. My sister and her husband came into town on Friday - it was great to see them. Just before they got here, our neighbors called to see if the girls wanted to go sledding. We sent the girls over to meet them (we could see them from the front window). Come to find out - their daughter has a small snowmobile. They tied up our sled and while he made jumps with his four wheeler, they pulled the girls through the snow. After a while the girls got to try their hand at driving as well! The girls had a blast!!

It was great to have grandma and grandpa here, as well as aunts and uncles and cousins - thanks to all for taking the time to come out!!
The next day, our friend called and invited my husband and brother in law to go snowmobiling. They went up into the high country - to treeline. It was an extremely cold day, but they had a great time digging out their snowmobiles and getting stuck. It was also great to see the beauty of the awesome place we live.

On Sunday I played Handel's For Unto Us a Son is Given in church (from the Messiah) - this signaled to my husband that Christmas could start and then everyone went back to their respective homes, while we started to prepare for Christmas.
We finished our shopping on Monday and all of our wrappings.
That finished up our very busy fun filled week! Onto Christmas.

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