Monday, June 10, 2013

Pictures and walls

When my husband and I were first married, I came across this print, and my father in law built a frame for it from an old playhouse that my husband and his brothers had helped build as children, as a surprise for my husband's birthday.

During our last move (and probably all of the others in between) - (yes in October), the frame was damaged.  We propped it against the wall in our formal dining room, (where it reminded us on a daily basis), and it has waited very patiently to be addressed.

Today was a lucky day.
I pulled out my Kreg Jig.  It's a tool thing.  It's really cool.  If you don't have one, you should get one.  I've used it to fix lots of things.  Including this picture frame.  It is made specifically for joining pieces of wood together - things like picture frames.  

So I pulled out my drill.  I pulled out my kreg jig. I pulled out my staple gun, paper towels, and glass cleaner.   I found all of the pieces, and went online and watched a tutorial since it had been a while since I used it.  Then....drumroll.....I fixed it!

Yep, good as new.  Er - as new as a frame made from an old weathered childhood playhouse could be.  Sturdy.

Granted, while this in itself really isn't very exciting (I can acknowledge this), what is exciting, is that after finding a home for this picture, I was able to find homes for a bunch of photos I had enlarged and framed last week, as well as a painting from Guatemala that waited 9 years to get framed and on a wall.  Yep - almost a decade.  

We've been looking for a specific painting - zealously - since December.  We know we will find it someday. In the meantime, our walls have started to look like we've finally sort of moved in.

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