Monday, March 4, 2013

21 on the ACT

Our daughter was identified as brilliant.  Well, they noticed that she aced the state mandated tests last year.  So, she was offered an opportunity to take the ACT - just as a practice if she'd like.  To get her ready - you know for when she takes it in 4 or 5 years. 

She really is brilliant.  She scored a 21.  Her English and Reading were way above first year college student scores.  The question is - what happens now?  
Her math and science were low - but understandably.  She hasn't even had algebra yet, and had never heard of most of the science stuff.  

Here's what I found online from the Princeton review about acceptable ACT scores: 
The Higher, the Better
The national average for the new SAT is 1500. For the ACT, it's between 20 and 21. If you are close to these averages you will likely be accepted into a considerable number of colleges and universities (as long as you have decent grades), but may not be considered at more selective schools.

We knew she was a smarty pants.  The school kind of gasped and sputtered when we told them.... 

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