Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our recent ramblings

The boxes are slowly moving out.  Slowly.
The garage is halfway habitable for our car.  Which is nice.
In the house we might have 3 boxes yet to go through and get organized.  They are the ones full of misc. papers.  Always seems there's so much to do, yet so little time to do it.

We spent Thanksgiving on our first road trip since moving to Florida.
My husband had to do some work in Atlanta, Georgia and so we decided to take the whole family with him, and THEN head to our Thanksgiving festivities.

As such, we enjoyed an 8 hour drive to Atlanta.  It wasn't too bad.
The next morning after dropping my husband off at work, there in the parking lot, our car battery died.
We have AAA, but haven't ever used it, and were discussing cancelling it.

Carlos came and figured out our battery was dead, and then installed a new battery.  Cool.
The girls and I hit the mall for a while where we comparison shopped running shoes for our daughter who is beginning track cross country season.

Picked my husband back up, and headed to another town north of Atlanta.  Calhoun, Georgia.  We enjoyed doing some pre-shopping in the outlet stores.  Then, the next day while dad was at work, we hung out in the outlet stores, and then the girls got pedicures.  Definitely some fun pampering.

Then, we headed out of town for a 3 hour drive to my sister's house to celebrate Thanksgiving.
We planned to go out to eat, but didn't realize that she lived in a college town and everyone had gone home for the holidays.  We called at least 10 restaurants before we found one that was still open.

The next day we did some cooking, and we ran to the store before heading over to help my sister with the cooking.  Unfortunately, our tire blew while we were driving.  Luckily, we were super close to the condo we were staying in.

Lucky us - we got 4 new tires.  Merry Christmas.  I guess though, that we should acknowledge that our tires got us through at least one season in Colorado, and an additional almost 17 months in Florida.  And my neighbor said that the Florida UV is just torture on tires.  Anyways, we've got new ones now.  Our car should be happy and not seek attention for the next 4 years.

Thanksgiving was lovely with 5 of the siblings and my parents all together.  The cousins yucked it up, and my sister presented us with a thoroughly southern home cooked Thanksgiving.  Smoked pork, smoked briskett, smoked and baked turkey, collard greens, corn puff, cheesy beans (for my husband), potatos, rolls, cranberry salad, and pies.  I was surprised that I enjoyed the collard greens and corn puff.  Fun to try new things anyways.

We spent time at the state park hiking around on Friday (after getting new tires), and then had a post Thanksgiving Thanksgiving leftovers meal, and after breakfast the next morning all together we all hit the road and went our separate ways.  Luckily we had an uneventful ride home.
I will throw in some photos once I get them all transferred over.

While preparing for Christmas, our primary is in charge of the ward Christmas party (just finished the primary program), and I'm having my first Florida piano recital in just over a week as well.  Trying to catch our breath - holding it until January I think.  :) Hopefully I can get what we need to get accomplished before Christmas. If you are on my gift list, it may be late.  Just know that.

My exciting news (for me at least) is that today I picked up a light fixture to attach to our ceiling fan, and got it all attached and we now have light in our family room!  Hooray!  I love it. It needed it the most.

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