Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hardanger - Swedish Cutwork Project

It is finished!
I started this project many many moons ago.  MANY.  Like so many that I've lost count.
It consists of a lot of wrapping, and cutting of teensy tiny linen threads.  And lots of counting and precision.
It has been a practice in patience.  I went in fits and bursts with this, but mostly finished it in October, then realized I needed to add beads, and then do some outlining.  I finished the second time in late November.
I took it to the framing store where I had some great coupons.  They said the frame would be done in a couple of weeks - perfect, I wanted it on the wall for Christmas. 
They called me mid January to tell me the frame was done.
Then, I couldn't find it!  I assumed it had been packed into one of the six boxes of Christmas deco.  Sigh.
I found it last week tucked into my sewing box (where I HAD previously looked - just not hard enough).
I ran it over to them, and it is now proudly sitting on my wall - where I will enjoy knowing how many times I picked it out and re-did it so that it would be 'just perfect'.   
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Lauren said...

Beautiful! I still have to finish my dad's quilt that was meant to be a give in 2009....