Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beach 2012

We headed out to the beach last week after we picked up our daughter from school.  Just in time for the sunset.  The water's temperature on average for late Feb/March is generally between 59-65*.  It has been around 74-75* lately.  Spring break is next week - hoping for some sunny days!  With a warmer ocean though, I'm already starting to worry about hurricanes.  Deep breath.
Anyways, while it wasn't TOO cold, we've learned that sharks have bad eye sight and like to eat early in the morning and in the evening (this area is the shark bite capital of the world).  The pelicans were diving - which meant there was food in the area, and there was some wind, so we didn't end up boggie boarding like my daughter had hoped, but enjoyed the sunset and the drive. 

And I just realized you can see how my haircut here too. 
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