Saturday, January 21, 2012

Barbara Manatee, You are the One for Me

If you know the old veggie tales song, you should be singing along by now.  If not, I highly recommend you look it up for a good chuckle.
Today we headed up to Blue Springs State Park and watched the manatee.

AND (drumroll please) we saw our first Florida alligators in the wild today.  3 of 'em.  2 smaller ones, and a big 8+ footer that was huge.  The water was crystal clear in several areas and we saw lots and lots of fish that were huge.  We also about 10 turtles all lined up on a log.  I guess they were sunbathing.

The highlight was when we walked out onto a pier and two manatee swam right over to us and broke the surface before diving back down and swimming away.

The manatee are an endangered species, and every year they swim from the ocean up to Blue Springs where the water remains a constant 72* year round.

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Lauren said...

Cool! I don't think I've ever seen a manatee except on the discovery channel. And congrats on the bike rides...I've gone a good distance before and been sore for days. And I pretty much quit. ( :