Monday, December 26, 2011

Hollywood Studios - our latest adventure

I took the girls and some friends to Disney last week.  Yes - what was I thinking??  During black out dates no less. 
It was a crazy crazy zoo of people.  But, we had some extra passes, and they needed to be used before the end of the year (I think we'll be burning two more this week as well).  The word insanity is coming to mind. 

In truth, we had a really good time. 
Despite the crowds. 

We spent the day at Hollywood Studios. 
We got to be part of a flash mob, singing and dancing in the streets while we waited for the parade.  
Then, the girls had fun making up words, and greeting strangers and passer bys.  Especially those who had birthday pins or first visit pins on.  And did I mention these girls LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop?  But they are little misers, and while they enjoy the looking part, there's no way they will part with their money at those prices.  (Guess we've trained them well).  Despite their miserly tendencies, I was amazed at the insatiable shopping appetite!

We got there around 10:30 am, and got home around 10:30.  
We hung out for a while at the Osbourne Family Lights and the girls found a corner that was mostly free of people where they danced, and sang, and spun each other.  We loved standing in the falling snow, and feeling it's cool tingle on our cheeks before it quickly melted.  
As we headed to the last show (that we'd been too late for earlier) someone dared the girls to start caroling. 
I was surprised, but they did.  4 girls walking together singing Christmas songs.  People would stop and look, trying to figure out what was going on.  Then, people started to join in.  Some humming, some clapping along, some singing out loud and clear.  It was really fun to see the reaction they caused. 


Caterina B said...

Are you saying that it was actually snowing? That's unusual and maybe special for the girls.

Mare said...

Caterina, yes - they actually made snow. How, in 83* weather they did that is a mystery to me. I believe it may have had something to do with some sort of soap, frozen bubbles perhaps? It looked like snow, it fell like snow, and for just a split second as it landed on our faces, we thought it might be. The illusion was pretty spot on. :) Probably the closest to it that we will see in Florida at least!