Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary to us!

We recently celebrated our anniversary, and did something we've been wanting to do.
Pier fishing (I almost typed fier pishing there)
Yes, so romantic I know.
But, we've both been wanting to do it for several months and our mutinous children haven't wanted anything to do with it. So, we decided to try it out without them.

It really was fun.

Despite the cold weather.
I know, how can someone say "Florida" and cold in the same sentence? It doesn't seem legal.
We weren't really that cold.
Except that it was sprinkling when we started.
And the tide was in, and it was really windy.

And did I mention that it was raining?
The news crews were even there filming because flood advisories were in effect.

We lasted maybe an hour and a half.
Then we were hit with a deluge and the water was coming down in buckets.
We decided to cut our losses.

My beautiful kermit the frog fleece here, weighed about 20 lbs when we finished. I had to wring it out in the bathroom over the sink, and then it kept dripping pools in the restaurant where we had lunch. They kept getting out the mop!
When we left, 4 news vans were in the parking lot, and we had some fun seeing all of the water everywhere on the roads.  

My husband was victorious and caught 1 blue fin - he decided that he could ocean fish every day, and be quite happy.
I'd never been so grateful for the heater in our car, as we were chilled from the wind after we'd been soaked.
It was quite the memorable day.

Happy anniversary to us - and hoping for many more to follow!
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Tisha said...

You life in Florida is like one BIG vacation ALL the time! Happy Anniversary.

Jules said...

Jeff got the best catch of his Life tied the knot with you! Happy Anniversary.

Caterina B said...

You guys really know how to have fun!