Friday, November 11, 2011

The Waiting Game

We cleared the preliminaries, and we are now excited contestants in "The Waiting Game"!!!!
Whoop Whoop!!

Yes, a little ambiguous I know.
So, 2 weeks after moving into our rental home, we were served with papers from the county letting us know that the property we signed a year lease on was going into foreclosure.  It wasn't the greatest day I've ever had, let me tell you.

Of course, we went into a panic and started making phone calls.
We were assured that it was a mistake and that all was well.  So, we went on with life, and periodically kept checking to see if anything was going away on the court case.  While nothing much seemed to be happening, it didn't seem to be going away.  

Two weeks ago I got a phone call, and the owners of the property let us know that they were putting the house up for short sale.

Hence, another flurry of activity, questions, (and I'll admit - a little anger) trying to figure out what now?
They told us that they were working on listing it with a realtor who would want to begin to show the property.
 I felt a little rebellious and angry because we still have nine months left on our lease.  I would have NEVER signed a lease that allowed someone access to my home for the purpose of selling it while I was still living there.  NEVER.

After some prayers and consideration, we decided to put an offer in, and yesterday it was accepted.
As such, we are now waiting on the banks (like half of the nation) for a yes or no.  It could be 2 months, it could be 6.  No one seems to know.

While it initially came as a shock, as I've thought about it, I'm wondering how much might be 'coincidence', or better termed, Heavenly Father's guiding hand in our lives, and it may actually be a blessing - it's that shift in perception that turns everything around.
We initially wanted to purchase a home here in Florida when we began to consider our move.
I spent days poring over maps, trying to figure out which area we might want to live in.  Then, I spent days on the internet looking at listings and talking to realtors, and even banks.  They basically told me that it wasn't going to happen for 3-9 months because everything in Florida is essentially a short sale.

So, we started looking for rental properties - and we weren't very impressed.
We found 2 possibilities through people at church who were moving and looked at their homes.  While my heart was set on the other house, we got a very strong impression when we prayed about which one to pick that it should be this one.  I wasn't very happy about it because I liked the other much better.  But, I knew that our prayer had been answered, and so albeit a little grudgingly, but trusting that Heavenly Father knows what is going on better than I do, we chose this one.

This house is in a perfect location.  We have 2 neighbor girls who are the exact same ages as our kids.  We live 1/4 mile from church and 1.5 miles from my husband's work.  Our kids have lots of friends, we live in a really great neighborhood, and have some really great neighbors.  I found out that things would have been very uncomfortable if we had rented the other house.  The owner was going to move into an RV and continue to live on the property while we lived in their house.  Ew - that would be pretty uncomfortable for me...  We had no idea, but wow, we are sure glad in retrospect that we made this decision.

I think we are just learning over and over to turn things over to our Heavenly Father and let Him drive.  As we wait to see how things turn out for our future in this home, we hope things will work out, but also trust that if they don't, they will turn out for the best.

Happy waiting to me!

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Good luck! Happy waiting.